A useful guide to write a scientific article

When scientific research is carried out, one of the last steps is its disclosure through publication in a magazine with the aim of achieving maximum possible dissemination.

Of course, the published text has to be well structured and solvent communicative efficacy.

In the virtual headquarters. we have found an interesting guide on how to properly write a scientific article. Of the Guide, we have extracted 6 basic tips that will be of great help for any professional that is before the translation of a scientific or health article:

1) write the title in 15 words that describe the content of clear, accurate and concise article. Avoid captions, acronym, Telegraph and nonspecific titles. It should be attractive: the attention.

(2) write down up to a maximum of six authors in the order of importance of their material and significant contribution to the research. Exclude casual contributors or those who, because of their hierarchical position, only facilitated the research.

(3) identify the institution or institutions where the research was conducted. Include all data allowing correspondence to other authors and institutions.

(4) include a structured abstract, between 150 and 300 words, that form quickly and accurately identifies the basic content of the article. It must contain at least: objective, design, context (location and level of care), patients, interventions, measurements, results, and conclusions.

(5) in the introduction is to explain the general, the research problem, what others wrote about it and the objectives and hypotheses of the study.

(6) in patients and methods, describe the research design and explain how was practice, justifying the choice of methods and techniques in such a way that a competent reader can repeat the study.